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Dragonfly Dance

This amazing little wetland is right off the W&OD, a place I pass often on my runs. Today I stopped because the air was alive with dancing dragonflies. Thousands of them, glittering in the sun, playing in the air – it was magical. The picture couldn’t possibly capture them, but they were there and left me smiling.

A Week of Highlands Sky – Day 5

The Road Across the Sky – a 7.3 mile stretch of fire road that runs along Dolly Sods. Yes, it seemed to go forever.

Bull Run










At the trailhead of one of my favorite trails, the Bull Run – Occoquan trail. It’s a little gem, just south of Washington, DC.


While crossing a creek, I stepped on this guy’s tail. He slithered, I screamed. I’ll be happy if this is the only snake I see up close for a while. Yikes! (glad I got the picture though!)