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The Virginia Happy Trails Running Club hosts the best Fat Ass events. The annual Magnus Gluteus Maximus 50km was another fabulous event. With a sprinkling of snow at the start and some icy rain at the finish, most of the day was just cold and cloudy. The trails were challenging with a snow and ice layer that turned into mud as the day went on. Aid stations were stocked with the best of ultra fuel – cheese puffs, M&Ms, holiday cookies and bourbon. The after-party at Hemlock was a rollicking good time. And as always, the best part of the day was playing with great friends on the trail. Cheers to another year of happy running in the VHTRC!

The obligatory "groupie" shot at the start

The obligatory “groupie” shot at the start

2013-12-14 08.17.26

Icy rocks by the river

2013-12-14 12.02.53

In the Do Loop

2013-12-14 11.14.53

Aid stations in true VHTRC style

Hemlock Trail Magic

Although I would have rather been running the Grindstone 100 today, I did enjoy a beautiful sunrise and some gorgeous trail sights at Hemlock Overlook. Thankful for Regional Parks and friends to run with – and fingers crossed that next weekend we will be running Grindstone!


Spiderwebs in the morning dew as far as the eye could see

Spiderwebs in the morning dew as far as the eye can see

Bull Run Run 50 miler – Bluebells

Bluebells near Hemlock