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MMT 100

“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.”
-Sir Edmund Hillary

Georgia Death Race – March 2016

2016-03-19 10.05.36 HDR-2

Georgia Death Race – steep, but smooth, trails

2016-03-19 16.48.50-1

Crossing the river

2016-03-19 17.41.03-1

Sweet climbs!

2016-03-19 17.41.12 HDR

Steep, steep mountains!

2016-03-19 19.55.34



2016-03-20 13.27.31

Amicalola Falls – the finish line!

MMT Training Runs – MLK Weekend

The Virginia Happy Trails Running Club puts on several excellent training runs for the Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 race held in May. The Martin Luther King weekend was the first of the fat ass events. It was a warm, cold, sunny, snowy, foggy weekend to run!

2016-01-16 07.59.45-1

Sunrise in the Massanutten Mountains – MMT Training Run #1

2016-01-17 09.19.57

Orange trail – before the snow – Waterfall 50K

2016-01-17 12.50.40

Orange trail- after the snow – Waterfall 50K

Pass Mountain Trail – Shenandoah National Park

A snowy run during the Polar Vortex. Animal tracks, deer beds and lots of snow made for an interesting and fun climb up the mountain and a fast, ski-like descent back down!

Trail on the climb up Pass Mountain

Trail on the climb up Pass Mountain

Pass Mountain summit

Pass Mountain summit

VHTRC Cat 8 – Massanutten Mountains

Virginia Happy Trails Running Club MMT training run – a cold and snowy run in the Massanuttens. Beautiful views, frosty temperatures, good friends on trail…a fun day!

2014-01-18 08.58.03

Bird Knob

2014-01-18 09.15.16

winter trail


January TWOT

The Wild Oak Trail…a 27 mile loop with 8000 feet of climbing. My favorite trail to play on.

Scenes from a wet, cold, windy and fun January day.

2014-01-11 08.48.47

Magical moss

2014-01-11 15.37.16

Winter trail

2014-01-11 16.37.06

Little Bald trailhead

2014-01-11 17.19.09

Gorgeous sunset – our reward after a foggy, wet and windy day on trail

Snow Run on the Appalachian Trail

An early January trail run to Thornton Gap and Shenandoah National Park on the Appalachian Trail.

2014-01-04 09.11.33

Snowy trail sunrise

2014-01-04 09.53.46

Whipped cream snowdrifts

2014-01-04 11.55.56

Winter creek


Rosaryville Veteran’s Day 50K

Rosaryville 50K is run on single track mountain bike trails in Maryland. It’s a 3 loop course that is fairly flat, not terribly technical (perfect for getting lazy and falling!), and extremely runnable. The Veteran’s Day race was much better weather-wise, with temps in the 40’s and 50’s as opposed to the over 100 degree temps of the July race. With the help of Tom and Hai – Sara and I both ran a 50K personal best time of 5:25. What a fun, fun day to run with friends.

Rosaryville State Park, Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Rosaryville State Park, Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Finishing with triple PRs - Hai, Sara and myself. Thanks to Jon Valentine for this awesome picture!

Finishing with triple PRs – me, Sara and Hai. Thanks to Jon Valentine for this awesome picture!

Mountain Masochist Trail Run 50 Miler

It was a fabulous fall day to run 50++ miles with 9,000+ feet of climbing in the mountains – on a very tough course. Tight cut-off times made this a bit of a race against the clock, but I had a few minutes to take some photos and finish in 11:32. It was too gorgeous not to capture some of these great memories in photos. What a fun, fun day on trail. Enjoy!

“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as the sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.”   – John Muir

2013-11-02 09.57.02

Fabulous fall colors

2013-11-02 08.11.19

The mountains were glowing with autumn colors.

2013-11-02 08.10.04

A beautiful sunrise on the ridge.

2013-11-02 10.50.55

The Lynchburg Reservoir sparkling in the autumn sunlight.

2013-11-02 11.41.14

A patchwork quilt of fall colors.

2013-11-02 14.26.19

“The mountains reserve their choice gifts for those who stand upon their summits.” Sir Francis Younghusband

2013-11-02 14.26.22

The reward at the top of The Loop. Worth it all…

TWOT 50K++ – Views from a fabulous fall day

We went back out to The Wild Oak Trail this weekend because the trail had been calling my name for two weeks since I ran four loops of her awesomeness.  I just couldn’t stay away. This has quickly become my favorite trail. It’s the perfect mix of challenging climbs, sweet single track, technical descents, pine needle loveliness, spectacular views, did I mention the challenging climbs?, runnable double track and meandering ridges. I have truly fallen in love with the Wild Oak Trail and she did not disappoint this weekend. With temperatures in the lower 20’s, it was a chilly sunrise start but the clear blue sky and endless views made the cold not feel bad at all.  The loop is a little over 27 miles, but when one gets too excited that they have managed to stay on trail through the trickiest part to navigate, they just might miss their turn and get 5 bonus miles of ridge running. Oh well, it gave me a sunrise and a sunset on trail (YAY!) and a bit of a darkness run that was a fabulous way to spend a Saturday. Happy running indeed.

Sunrise while climbing Little Bald. It just doesn't get any better than this.

Sunrise while climbing Little Bald. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

Little Bald

Little Bald

Near the top of Little Bald

Near the top of Little Bald

Blue skies, beautiful mountains

Blue skies, beautiful mountains

The Wild Oak Trail

Just before the climb to Hankey Mountain

Hankey Mountain

Hankey Mountain – how come the pictures don’t look NEARLY as steep as that climb is?!