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Why do I run?

Great Falls

I often get asked, “why do you run so much?” I’ve read a few inspiring blog posts lately where friends shared why they run. It got me thinking about my own answers to these questions. Here are a few of my random thoughts as to why I run trail ultras.

I run because it makes me feel strong, invincible and alive.

I run because it allows me to be in the moment – to be fully present to the here and now.

I run because it quiets my mind.

I run because it allows me to experience nature in a way I would never have the privilege to experience any other way – the changing smells of the forest through the seasons from spring rain to honeysuckle to the smell of freshly fallen snow – the trail magic in a blooming lady’s slipper, glowing moth’s eyes, the changing tapestry of browns, bright greens, dark greens, reds, yellows and oranges as the mountain trees evolve in the cycle of seasonal change – the morning dew on a spider web, the evening sunset sparkling through the trees, the moon and stars shining down on me, the beauty of a mountain waterfall and the views from the mountains that renew my soul.

Trail magic

I run because it challenges me to move beyond my mind and body and to see myself as a tiny part of something much, much bigger than me.

Birthday Run

I run because of the friendships I’ve made on the trail. They are like no others.

I run because there is nothing like that feeling at the end of  a long run – when your body is covered in DEET, sweat, and sunscreen, tingling all over, burning, tired, energized and electric in that post-run happy feeling that I can’t even think of enough words to describe. Runners, you know what I mean.

I run because I’ve met the coolest people in the world on random trails in the middle of nowhere. And they are instant friends.

I run because setting impossible goals  – and accomplishing them – is a damn good feeling.

At the finish line of Grindstone 100

I run because being scared and moving past that fear is extremely empowering.

I run because I can solve any problems the world throws at me during a run.

It's not all running...

I run because trail conversations are the BEST, and could never be had in any other place. Where else could you have hours long conversations about neuticles, unicorns, dinosaur hallucinations & chafing…just to name a few choice trail topics?

I run because I can be myself.

I run because it is how I play.

I run because it makes me happy.

Why do you run?