CFA – July 23, 2007

On Saturday, July 23, approximately 75 runners gathered in a parking lot near Luray, VA to do the Catherines Fat Ass 50K. Jeff gave a race briefing – “there are only 3 hills” and we were off to run through the Massanutten Mountains. There was a 21 mile option that some people (me) chose to do instead since it was another smoking hot summer day.









We started out with a steep, but beautiful uphill climb that kept going…and going…and going…











…but the view from the top was amazing!









A beautiful creek along the way.









The icy pops mid-race were a fabulous surprise from Jack and his son on the way into Pitt Spring – WOWZERS!











Saw several of these gorgeous moths on the purple trail.









Best. Aid. Station. Ever. – Ice cold washcloths, watermelon with lime, and lots of smiles and encouragement. These guys rocked!









Love the interesting rock formations on the trail.









On the final descent, a series of fun, rocky switchbacks.

One response

  1. Rob

    Love the photos! Good to see you looking strong at the Bird Knob aid station – congrats on a great finish amid tough conditions!

    July 26, 2011 at 11:35 pm

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